North Bay Foot & Ankle Clinic prides themselves in improving the quality of life of our clients by enhancing their physical health and lifestyle activities. Whether you need medical treatment, sports medicine, preventative care, surgery, shoes or foot care products our Chiropodist- Foot Specialist will work with you to achieve the best possible results from your first appointment.


Although we are a full service Foot Clinic, our Chiropodist specializes in Sports Medicine by combining the latest technologies and advanced manual therapy techniques to help anyone from small children to elite athletes perform their best.


Why Should You Come to Our Clinic?

We don’t guess; we measure; We perform thorough functional and hands-on assessment that collects meaningful, measurable and reliable information that allows us to track progression over time to help ensure you reach your goals.

You will be given a clear explanation of your problem and solution. We aim to provide you with freedom through an understanding of how the foot/ankle and body works. With a clear understanding of your condition, you will cherish your body and value your health more.

We offer up-to-date treatment advice and perform latest evidence-based assessments and treatment. Our foot specialist is committed to continuing professional development frequently to stay at the forefront with her skills and knowledge.

What We Offer

We have a multimodal and corrective treatment approach not only to get rid of pains but to address the underlying cause for long-term results. Our mission is to improve your quality of life by reaching your health or training goals, helping you feel at your best, and achieving peak performance and optimal function.

We believe the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself from injuries. Chronic or recurring symptoms occur when there is an interference to the healing process such as scar tissue, biomechanical stress, structural misalignment, active trigger point and repetitive strain.

We identify and address the root causes of the problem to create long-lasting results and optimize your health, rather than just applying a “band-aid” approach to your symptom(s).

Our approach often helps to provide relief to the rest of the body parts that were being affected correspondingly.

Our treatment does more than relieving pain; it also helps to:

  • Improve body function and optimize performance
  • Minimize recurrence of pain and injuries
  • Prevent and decelerate onset of degenerative changes

We do not just get rid of pain; we help you to feel, move and perform your best!